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"It tastes like a meal of Fela Kuti with a side of Dea Mau5 served from a carry next to a Baltimore Club while sippin' on Black Water."


- Brain Tru, BTFL Magazine -

Being born in New York, reared in the DMV, and bred in Baltimore gives Kariz Marcel, artist and social-entrepreneur, a unique advantage. With his early musical roots sprouting from both Go-Go and Baltimore Club Music, Afro EDM is his seamless blend of the two worlds.


As a “Performing Producer”, Kariz Marcel curates his electronic soundscape around primarily original songs and beats which echo influences ranging from Fela Kuti and Motown to Black Eyes Peas and Baltimore Club. Its uptempo african rhythms, intertwined inside live instrumentation and electronic drum machines, injects a sonic liberation of musicality and lyrical content onto, into, and around its host's body. Dancing becomes a compulsory act.


Though his list of ultra-impressive accolades in music and education is continually growing, it was the founding of Kariz Kids Youth Enrichment Services in 2011 that continues to keep him invested in his mission, ‘to bridge the gap of social diversity with a drum machine’. Serving hundreds of youth on the east coast to date, KKYES has become a renown education service firm that specializes in teaching K-12 music production, songwriting and artist business development skills.


Kariz Marcel’s current single, “Hey Baltimore” hailing from his soon to be released EP, The Blackwater Project, is in constant rotation on 92Q WERQ, 95.9 WHUR, and is often featured at the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore during Football Games.  Follow him on IG @karizmarcel for show dates and youth program information.